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Howdy All and Merry Christmas
Do you know what I mean when I say God Bless You
That I pray for you to have the best in every area in your life;
May God fill you with His Joy and the Peace that passes all understanding;
May you see all others through God eyes as He sees you so wonderful and precious;
May your families live in peace and enjoyment with one another;
May God restore any broken relationships to be better than when broken;
May you have friends that are true and loving friends;
May God send you friends, husbands, wives, and family when you need them;
May your home be filled with joy and that it is in good repair;
May you find a perfect home if you desire one at the perfect price and in the perfect location that will be a blessing for you and all those that enter;
May you sell your home if you desire and that God brings in the perfect buyer and that your home will be a blessing to them;
May you enjoy good health every day and  may every bone, muscle, nerve, tissue, fiber, organ, blood cell function perfectly as God designed it to be;
May you be blessed on your job with God's favor to keep your job, expand your job, enjoy pay raises and bonuses and that the work environment  be a great one;
May the companies and employers that you work for and with be blessed and filled with profitable business so they prosper and expand;
If you are looking for a job, May God open doors beyond your imagination and that the perfect job for you will surface and you will hired;
May your cabinets, gas tanks, pantries, freezers, check books, wallets, bank accounts, pockets, savings accounts and anywhere else you store  be filled with plenty and so much so that you can cheerfully give to others;
May God give you ideas that will create something new and do not be afraid to consider them.
Yes this could go on and on and on...you know me
So what I want to say is that May God Bless you inside and out, up and down and around, and all that over again until He just blesses your socks off.
Yes I mean all this and more every time I say God Bless you and imagine just how much more God says to you and me, He has a bigger brain than us. 
And all this....each and every day, second, minute, hour of your lives!
So God Bless you and yours, Merry Christmas and go out and tell someone God bless you.

Jesus is the reason for the Season

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