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Facts about El Paso

  • El Paso is the sight of the actual first Thanksgiving in April 1598 predating the Pilgrims by 23 years
  • Fort Bliss, established in 1848, has a landmass of over 1.1 million acres
  • El Paso has 2,000 year old pictographs at Hueco Tanks State Park.  Thre is also graffiti, from the 1800's, done in wagon axle grease.

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Community Newsletter, The City Beat, Offers Information You Should Know
Community Newsletter, The City Beat, Offers Information You Should Know

Check out this new issue of the City of El Paso Community Newsletter, The City Beat, which features information on:

  • Current work on the City's upcoming FY07 Budget
  • The new proposed Downtown Redevelopment Plan
  • A new petition campaign to help save Communitiy Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding
  • Various quality of life services provided by the City

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