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The Decision A New Home

Plan02.jpgSo you want to buy a new home!  New neighborhood with all new neighbors and most are just like you buying for similar reasons that you are buying.  New schools, freshly painted exteriors, new landscaping, new toys and all the over the fence and in the cul de sac sharing of your dreams and plans together.   You picked every detail, color and dreamed.  You probably watched your house being built from day one.  Creative financing is available on many new homes with builder contributions.

As a professional Realtor, I have sold many many new homes and know all the builders and building locations in El Paso County.  I have the latest plans and can email, mail or fax to you upon request.  Ask me for references from my satisfied new home owners on how we found the right location, the right builders, the right financing and the whole process made enjoyable.    Let me help you make your dream come true!

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