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News News says it is more cost effective to buy than to rent in El Paso. 

Yes you can actually buy a better home for your monthly dollars and many with no down and no closings costs.

And then you get to deduct the interest rates annually, more back in your income tax returns and build equity as you pay.

Yes bedrooms, baths, garages, yards, you choose, you decorate, you enjoy!!

So what will your dollar buy you (as of January 2011)

Estimated.  Payments include principle, interest, home owners insurance and taxes

If you are spending $800 : $100,000 

If you are spending $850 : $106,000

If you are spending  $900 : $112,000

If you are spending $950 : $118,000

If you are spending $1000 : $124,000

If you are spending $1050 : $130,000

If you are spending $1100 : $136,000

If you are spending $1150 : $143,000

If your are spending $1200 $149,000


So the question is why are your renting?  Know someone that is renting, save a friend from spending too much on rent and show them this page today  Credit concerns...lets fix those concerns and make your dreams come true today. 

Contact me  and find out how we can get you and your friends into a home of your own today!!

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