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Let's talk Texas Property Taxes

Howdy !

No one but no one likes property taxes.  Between this section, my blogs and various email campaigns I will share with you my knowlege and perhaps toegether we can gain a better understanding and open up communications and actions as to what we as indiviidauls and a group can do. 



Many of the residential properties have homestead exemptions which reduce the amount of taxes accessed and required to be paid. Exemptions reduce the total appraised value and then reduce the amount of taxes to be paid. Yea!

List of exemptions can be found at http://www.epcad.org/pdf/TaxingEntityExemptionList.pdf

Yes, there are a number of residents in our county that have reduced their taxes to a very low amount.


Want to discuss contact by email Cynthia@EPHomeSearch.com or phone 915 471 4300 to discuss anytime.


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